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The Brief

An identity that reaches the sky

Sallaum Sky Airlines is a low-cost European Lebanese aviation and airline company that operates between Lebanon, Malta, France, Switzerland, and Germany to Beirut and back.


Most airlines that operate from/to Lebanon within these countries are legacy airlines. The low-cost airlines that do operate, have few routes each week. Legacy airlines do offer more services and amenities for free but come with an overall ticket cost. For a 3-hour flight, and for citizens traveling twice or three times a week, the reasonable choice would be a low-cost airline, but due to the limited options, customers must either pay more or travel less.

Sallaum Sky offers these people the option to travel more for less.

Sallaum Sky is dedicated daily to operate between these countries to Lebanon, with a starting operating fleet of 3 Airbus A320’s. Sallaum sky brings all the high-end amenities, like hospitality, safety, and entertainment, but with a flexible payment plan for customers to choose what they want and don’t.

Origin is here to help them launch and reach out to their target audience.

The Challenge

To build up their brand, Sallaum Sky needed an identity that represents what they stand for and a simple yet attractive website that people can use to learn more about this brand and entices them to book their ticket. Cue in Origin.

The Identity:  Inspired by the Sky

After studying the market and researching competitors as well as the target audience, our team of creatives started conceptualizing how Sallaum Sky Airlines should be represented.

Many palettes were discussed, and several designs were considered until we landed on three main colors that best represent Sallaum Sky’s identity: Blue, white, and orange – the sky, the sea, and the sun.