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The Brief

The power of psychology in package design

RemeCure is a health and beauty product brand headquartered in Denmark and operating in the UAE. This company develops health products, food supplements, and medical devices made in Denmark and distributes them around the world. 

Dubai’s RemeCure reached out to Origin wanting to develop a brand image and packaging that promotes trust and helps them connect with their target audience on an emotional level.

Challenges we conquered 

The main challenge in creating a trustworthy brand image for a health and beauty product brand is consumers’ skepticism, not to mention the abundance of such products in the market.

The first step in establishing a product brand image is conducting competitive research to figure out the positioning of other brands. Therefore, we started by visiting several pharmacies and studying other products’ brand identity, shelf-placement, display, color, design, and packaging size; to decipher what makes them stand out.

The psychology behind it

Our research focused heavily on the psychology of the customers and the impact RemeCure should have on them as a brand.  We opted for a psychological approach in the visual identity to combat their skepticism and create an image that would grab their attention and help them feel safe when using these products.