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The Brief

Regal Packaging

Khan Al Saboun is one of the world's leading organic soap manufacturers and exporters. This iconic Lebanese brand produces organic and natural soaps using local ingredients from its soap farms in Lebanon and delivers them to every corner of the world.

Read between the perfume lines

This perfume line from Khan Al Saboun can be separated into two categories,

  • 1st category: Two main Royal Scents,  العود الملكي (The Royal Edition) and سحر الحب (Love Charm). 
  • 2nd category: Two different, second-level, high-end scents; عرب (Arabian Night) and سلطاني عود (Sultani Oud). 


The royal endeavor 

To capture the essence of royalty and truly represent the Royal Edition and Love Charm scents, the packaging must visually entice the customers’ eyes and stand-out on the shelves of Khan Al Saboun and their partners.

The package of these two scents was customized down to the smallest detail, featuring uniquely designed glass-containers to ensure the perfect balance between elegance and originality.

The Royal Edition

The Royal Edition’s concept was Arabian-inspired to typify the famous oud scent. An upside-down black trapezoid container with golden lines, the ultimate portrayal of royalty. The cap, which is also the nozzle, is of golden color, and it replicates the container’s shape in smaller dimensions.  

The Love Charm

The Love Charm was also designed to reflect the Arabian heritage in a curvy oval-shaped container with a feminine touch. The bottle is black with golden lines with the nozzle integrated as part of the cap, fitting perfectly within the bottle.