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The Brief

El Piropo is a Mexican restaurant in Plano Texas, USA, with a newly opened branch in Dubai. 

Our journey with El Piropo started when the owners of this lovely restaurant in Plano Texas, USA, contacted us requesting a novel brand identity that’ll resonate with the new market.  

First, we eat!

We started out by tasting their authentic Mexican menu, YUM!
Hungry for more information about the market and the audience, we conducted a market analysis in Dubai.
After thoroughly studying the market, we identified our target audience and split them into groups represented by personas, each with corresponding characteristics.

The next step

After the focus group, we went mystery shopping. With pre-defined KPIs in mind, we visited the top 3 Mexican restaurants in Dubai to measure and analyze the following data: 

  • Restaurant location
  • Décor
  • Reception & welcoming
  • Availability
  • Concept & ambiance
  • Sensory marketing: Scents & lights
  • Hygiene: Staff & restaurant
  • Staff Menu Knowledge
  • Service timing
  • Product pricing

The brand-building begins

After gathering all the required data, our creative team started reshaping El Piropo brand to fit the needs and requirements of the new market

The main concept on which we built our identity was combining Mexican food and Mexican art; hence the new slogan – Real Mexican Food & Art. 

The content creation and art direction were diligently crafted to convey intense emotions, create deep connections with Mexican food lovers, and guide them toward falling in love with El Piropo brand and the delicious dishes they serve.

Heavily inspired by the Mexican Chile used in their menu, dark red and burgundy hues dominated El Piropo mood boards. We also shifted the focus of photography towards vegetables and seasonings, transforming every aspect of this fantastic brand into a drool-inducing piece of art.